Teradek revolutionierte die Welt der Videocodierung, des Webstreaming und der Fernüberwachung mit seinen kameramontierten Miniatur-Cube-Encodern. Die Basis hierfür sind 3G / 4G Mobilfunksender, unkomprimierte, drahtlose Video-Sender und Standalone-Codierungsgeräten.

Drahtlose Videoübertragung

Drahtlos Monitoring

Teradek products allow you to monitor real-time wireless video on your tablet, smartphone, and professional monitor at distances up to 2500ft.

iPad iOS Tablet Monitoring

  H264 H265

Professional Monitoring

Web Streaming

Stream HD video directly to the web over WiFi, Ethernet, or 3G/4G/LTE.


  H264 H265  

Point-to-Point Übertragung

Teradek H.264 codecs offer broadcasters several powerful options for video transmission and distribution over local IP networks and the Internet. Cost-effective and incredibly capable, Teradek codecs are known for their versatility, low latency, and pristine image quality.

Rack Mount Encoder Options

H264 H265

Portable Encoder Options

  H264 H265

Farb Korrektur und drahtlose Kamera Steuerung

COLR is a real-time LUT box, camera control bridge, and HDMI/SDI cross-converter in one tiny package. COLR integrates with Pomfort LiveGrade Pro, allowing DITs and colorists to give everyone the right look.